3 months ago

Shinning Brighter


The message is simple:

When we come together in one purpose with the knowledge that the world needs our light to shine, we have a different attitude to life and we embrace each other with a sense of knowing that we’re more than our looks, our positions of lofty heights, our notoriety, our wealth, or our degrees or differences in personality and style, – we are one voice, one people, one purpose, one vision, one desire.

How do we get to that place where we become one? I think it takes being sensitive on the inside, and choosing for deeper; not being comfortable to stay on the superficiality of life but seeking to know our reason for being and working it out daily in the way we interact in Family and in the community.

It’s great to individually do our part but it’s so much better when we’re linked with like-minded individuals who know that we’re here for “such a time as this.”¬†Collaborations become birthing grounds for hope and strength to keep moving forward.

And so, in the textile industry in Nigeria, we’re not there yet, in my opinion we haven’t started, but the joy is in knowing that it is on the horizon because we’re working together.

4 months ago



For so long there had been a disconnect with the gift. It was discarded as elementary or common.

There comes a time in our lives when we must dive in deeper than we’ve ever ventured, to discover the beauty within – which causes us to see beyond what our eyes can see. To see the impact our gifts can make on the lives of others.


What is it that you have within¬†you that you’ve hidden from the world thinking you can make it without it? You were given this gift because there was and still is a purpose for its existence.


In a few words, I urge you to discover who you truly are. Do whatever it takes to find her; she’s precious, beautiful, confident, caring and has a lot of hope and love to give to the world.