2 months ago

Waiting & Moving



What do we usually do when we feel hopeless? We give up or reenergize. But, before doing either, we have to battle with our thought process; choosing either paths requires some decision making that happens internally.

I realize that the textile industry in Nigeria isn’t where it needs to be because for most of us, the work required to getting it back on its feet isn’t work we’re willing to dedicate both mind and time to. Until we come to the point where internally, the nation and stakeholders have the inner determination to see this industry succeed, it will continue to decline, where at best, we’re known as excellent and extravagant traders, and our manufacturing potential remains unearthed.

Speaking of our thought processes, the thought required to do nothing about the textile industry simply because going forward would be too high a mountain, or because we believe that we don’t have the stamina to climb, is a good place to start. It’s a good place to start because until we know where we’re at, and where we know we should be, the roadmap begins to look a lot less treacherous and we begin to get the right gears needed for the possible blizzard we might face, in other words, we move in the right direction.

We think, we plan and strategize on the best and most efficient way forward.

The key to stepping out of a hopeless situation in our personal lives and our industry isn’t to focus on the mountain that seems too high to climb, and the fact that we’ve never gone this path before. The key is to link up with trained instructors who know the best routes to getting to the top. We listen and move. We gain confidence and move. We rest and move. We make mistakes and move. We fight the status quo and move. You get the picture, either way, we move (in mind and might).

Nigeria, we’re moving ahead. You and I are moving ahead.


3 months ago

Shinning Brighter


The message is simple:

When we come together in one purpose with the knowledge that the world needs our light to shine, we have a different attitude to life and we embrace each other with a sense of knowing that we’re more than our looks, our positions of lofty heights, our notoriety, our wealth, or our degrees or differences in personality and style, – we are one voice, one people, one purpose, one vision, one desire.

How do we get to that place where we become one? I think it takes being sensitive on the inside, and choosing for deeper; not being comfortable to stay on the superficiality of life but seeking to know our reason for being and working it out daily in the way we interact in Family and in the community.

It’s great to individually do our part but it’s so much better when we’re linked with like-minded individuals who know that we’re here for “such a time as this.”┬áCollaborations become birthing grounds for hope and strength to keep moving forward.

And so, in the textile industry in Nigeria, we’re not there yet, in my opinion we haven’t started, but the joy is in knowing that it is on the horizon because we’re working together.