From Vision to Mission


Ok, lets reiterate “our” vision;

To restore, advance, master and sustain the ethical growth and development of every facet of the Textile industry in Nigeria that stands uncompromised in integrity to its workforce, consumers and environment (our land, water & air). 


From my understanding, a vision statement simply sums up what the desired goals are or states what is to be achieved.


Now let’s tackle what our mission statement is.

Our mission statement is a guide for today – how we hope to achieve our Vision!


So, here we go;


We will restore the textile industry in Nigeria to a thriving sector by gaining relevant skills, partnering with industry experts and acquiring/implementing innovative methods that will foster an organic and solid growth.


We will  advance the textile industry in Nigeria by being vocal about what needs to be done and following through with resolutions step by step.


We will become masters in the textile industry of Nigeria by remaining consistently proactive to learn, grow and develop every aspect of our industry and its people. 


We will sustain the growth of the textile industry in Nigeria by ensuring that our workers and consumers are treated honestly and with respect and also by challenging our capabilities in seeking creativity within our people and by ensuring that our environment is highly protected against any forms of pollutants. 


Seems like quite a task ahead of us, but we are well able! If we break each step further, I think you’ll see that it’s not that heavy at the end of the day; just takes persistence in following through step by step.

My desire is that you’ll be pulled-in to either want to act in your own way towards the calling or industry in your heart, or you’ll have valuable input into what I’m doing and want to be part of it.

My goal is that as I grow in my knowledge of what needs to be done, that you’ll also grow and apply this in your own journey towards making Nigeria a better/stronger nation and whether that means you’ll tackle the health care system or you’ll be in the textile industry is not the issue; just be about the work you’ve been called to do, that’s all.


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