Having a Plan – Vision cont.



Vision part B: sharing a vision is a beautiful thing, but how do we take that vision from the people’s heads to their hearts; where it will stick, and be nurtured and worked upon diligently?

I’m pretty sure that most people are willing to believe in the greatness of Nigeria but are clouded by their own personal and immediate needs, which is very understandable. I also know that to speak of lofty ideas to come isn’t going to motivate people who are truly experiencing very trying times right now. What I propose is that we start with a prototype – taking this process step by step; we implement a concise and structured format that’s derived from highly knowledgeable industry experts from around the world and follow through the process diligently like a scientist in a lab! Once we’ve gotten the ideal outcome that we’re striving for, we duplicate it.

We work our way progressively through each tier of the textile industry and work on ensuring we can replicate the exact processes needed, from the spinning and weaving mills, to the printing and dying factories. So let’s say for instance we start with one farmland to create our first cotton farm prototype. Once we’re able to harvest to our standard of excellence (which will be following a global standard), we then focus our attention on ensuring that we get the next step right; the process invovled in spinning cotton and again, our attention is given to make sure that we’re utilizing advanced equipments in deriving the quality that’s needed in this phase. Of course then we move onto the next step of weaving and again we figure out what works excellently best that can be replicated around the country, and once we’ve solved that, we advance to the next stage and the next, until we’ve completed the entire ecosystem of textile production and distribution.

In my opinion, if we’re able to show the people what we’ve been able to do with one model, I strongly believe that other stake-holders will want to be part of this and see to the growth of the industry together.

That of course sounds so easy, but why not? it makes pefect sense to me…


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