Having a Plan – Vision


I believe it was Dr. Myles Munroe who said ” When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable” – the very fact that we as a people are where we are today, and speaking of the textile industry in particular, is in my opinion, a combination of multiple things but, I think it starts with the fact that we didn’t and still don’t realize what we have (natural resources, etc) and because of this, we did not value it, nor did we understand its purpose, therefore, we abused it.

So what’s the way forward?

For me it starts with analysing what we have right now, figuring out what needs to be done to improve what we have, embarking on a strategic plan that excludes being held captive by the constant changing government policies that may or may not favor us, and working hard to ensure that the vision is realized in integrity of hearts and with a full understanding of our purpose. Just to touch on purpose a bit; we might be the ones to lay the ground work, but we may not be the ones who’ll fully see the harvest of our works, and we need to realize that that is perfectly OK. A lot of times we want returns on our investments, immediately! How about we focus on the generations to come who will thank heavens that we cared about them. Right now, it’s all about rebuilding our land and deciding that we aren’t going to be part of those who are abusing our nation and its people anymore.

A plan! A roadmap! A blueprint! … 

My plan is simple: (naturally there is A LOT that can be said on each point that I will present, but that’s where I give you the opportunity to add to it and lets get cracking together – team work) So basically, don’t look at this as the master plan; it needs more minds to make it perfectly fit. Ok enough ramblings, lets start from somewhere;


Vision: what do I see? I have this ambitious vision of what the textile industry could look like, and what the effects of having a thriving textile industry would do for the communities. My vision of this thriving industry does not take its cue from any previous models that exist in the industry worldwide that entail insensible work ethics of factory workers chugging long hours, the use of child labor, pollutions, etc.

On the other hand, I see the Nigerian textile workers as people who are treated with the utmost respect, they are valued, they are hardworking, they are well compensated, they are creative, they are inventive, they are passionate about their land and have a great understanding of the effects of chemicals on our land and will not stand for any form of pollution. I see States in Nigeria that are excellent for cotton farming excelling with technologically advanced machinery that makes their work-load a lot lighter and more productive. I see our cotton farmers taking pride in their farms and churning out the BEST cotton we could possibly derive from our land. I see an industry where there is authenticity in every tier of the textile industry’s ecosystem. I see an industry that brings about the re-birth of the need for more technical schools throughout the nation. I see our industry excelling because we care more about our future, we care about our people, we care more for the natural resources we’ve been blessed with and we care a lot more for integrity and honesty above living the norms of mediocrity and corruption.


In a nutshell, the vision simply states;


To restore, advance, master and sustain the ethical growth and development of every facet of the Textile industry in Nigeria that stands uncompromised in integrity to its workforce, consumers and environment (our land, water & air).


I truly believe that this vision must be shared with others who care about this industry but may have given up hope in its revival. Let the word spread that we want to tackle this one step at a time; no one is in a rush, we are ready to take our time and work on laying the right foundations. When a vision is shared, it’s up to everyone involved to receive it, believe it and work towards actualizing it. This can’t happen if people’s mindsets are blocked to the possibilities that are being presented.

How to tackle mindsets?? hmmm… lets make that our next post (part B of Vision I guess) Stay tuned…


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