It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela


That quote by Nelson Mandela is so apt for what we’re about to walk into; I believe it isn’t going to be an easy ride towards attaining the greatness of the textile industry in Nigeria, but it is possible. My last post, “From Vision to Mission” I spoke about how we needed to tackle the weight of this project step by step. Now we’re going to look at a way forward with our first step, that is, RESTORATION. We should remind ourselves of what our first mission statement says,


We will restore the textile industry in Nigeria to a thriving sector by gaining relevant skills, partnering with industry experts and acquiring/implementing innovative methods that will foster an organic and solid growth. 


Rebuilding an entire textile industry will take more than we can acquire in a day, or even a year.

So what I want you to see with this “proposal” is to look at it from a viewpoint of the both of us going through a learning process – I most definitely do not have ALL the answers, but I’m willing to search them out. A process that some might not be burdened to carry through the long-haul, but that’s what makes this journey even more adventurous.

There’s this story in the Bible about a young man who didn’t think he was capable of what God had told him he could accomplish, but guess what, when he probably felt a bit confident in the strength of his army (about 32,000 men), he soon realizes that his God isn’t about the numbers; at the end of the day, the victory came through a few men (300).

If we look at this and assume we need a mighty legion of supporters on our side, we’ll never move forward, but when we realize that it takes us growing in what we’ve been called to do, we’ll win. And the victory will be super sweet because it would have been against all odds.

The plan ahead is to embark on a strategic learning process.


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