Restoration 101 – “It’s not about me, it’s about the team” Ray Lewis


We’re the only one’s who have the power to forge ahead & fulfill our God-given dreams. We can choose to move forward and learn from a bad situation or we can decide to complain and do nothing positive… I’m glad you’re joining me on this quest to becoming all we were created/gifted to become – not for our selfish gains, but for the freedom and uplifting of all.

The way I see it, this journey ahead of us ought to be enjoyed! It doesn’t mean it will be free of obstacles, but in those trying times, hopefully our anchor would have been set so deep that there’s no way we’re turning our backs to return from whence we came. So here’s to learning and growing, together! Cheers!


Restoration 101: Moving forward from where we are & knowing what it takes to get through this stage successfully. 


What will be accomplished in this session:

1.Gaining relevant skills/knowledge in restoring the Nigerian Textile industry:

a. History of Nigeria’s textile industry’s beginning stages & its collapse: (seeking to know more comprehensively, where we started from, and why the industry failed).

b. What is the industry lacking today? (areas of our weaknesses).

c. Requirements in setting the industry up for greatness: (how do we turn our weaknesses to strengths).

d. The public’s opinion of our industry; (an in-depth look in understanding the general perception of the people towards the goods and services of this industry, and how to make sure we create trust in the people through the value we offer).

e. Open discussion on any other areas not covered.


2. Seeking partnerships with global industry experts.

a. Mentorship/advisers (interacting and engaging with industry experts on a way forward).

b. First-hand look at what makes this industry in other nations thrive (understanding the factors that contribute to the success of cotton farming, weaving, printing, etc the whole gamut).

c. Building strong collaborations with entities and people in the industry (what memberships will be needed to further a better understanding of the global industry; building a solid network).


3. Acquiring/implementing innovative methods that will foster an organic and solid growth in the Nigerian Textile industry.

a. Technology – (what’s new? what should we be focusing on? Long & short-term acquisitions).

b. Hands-on training (what courses are out there in understanding the new printing technologies, or weaving skills etc).

c. Writing the business proposal (utilizing what’s been learnt to carve a blueprint that can be duplicated across the nation).


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