Textiles of Nigeria

Do you have a dream within you that’s so huge you almost don’t want to think about it, let alone share it? It starts somewhere, and perhaps gets derailed a bit, but that’s ok, start again, start refreshed. Keep believing and even though your little steps seem so very minuscule, it’s ok.

My mind can’t begin to comprehend how to align my steps in order to “make it happen”, i.e., the dream. It’s so much easier to just dream than to actually act. Maybe you’re stuck like I am was. They say it takes just one step at a time… What’s that one step that I can take today that’ll push me just an inch closer to the goal? Anyways, when you see me write about textiles and Nigeria and the promised land, it’s my one step, and I’ll keep taking that step for as long as I have to, only by His grace.

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