turning a weakness into a strength


I recently heard a great teaching, and the paraphrased version basically states that everything we will ever pursue in life starts with a Desire. This desire to become a better textile industry and develop all aspects that pertain to its success must not end there. When a desire is planted in our hearts, if it’s strong enough, it moves us to make a Decision. For instance we decide that we’re not going to continue to have the same mindsets that held us back, or our work ethics have to be regenerated for the better or we’re willing to go back to school, etc. And when a Decision is made to move in the direction of the Desire, what happens is that you’ve placed yourself in a Position – a place that’s better off than when you began the journey. Being positioned to take-on the hardwork needed to move in growth will require a lot of Patience. This only means that we keep working relentlessly in what we know to be right and purposeful, even when times are tough and we seem to be going against the grain. Only after we’ve progressed, one step at a time; over a time period, we will eventually reach the Promise – that special place where we know we’ve dreamt of, envisioned, and worked hard to attain, believed and never gave up.


I love to see the possibilities in people and places and I can definitely see a greater future for Nigeria’s textile industry. My main concern right now is to engrave it into our hearts that we can become a great industry that feeds and clothes many of our people. Today it’s important to be grateful that we have a strong desire for better, and we’ve made a commitment – a decision, to walk-out those steps, one at a time. I strongly believe that the more we “walk” in becoming more knowledgeable in our various areas of concern, we will never regret it. Our ideas and concepts will build the future that we can only see in our hearts, right now.


How do we turn our weak points into strengths? Focus on what’s most important in the process right now – Preparation would be mine, yours of course could be different. We obviously don’t know all we need to know in our industry or even of ourseleves and how best we can be placed to aid in its development. So why not spend time building on who you are. You and I cannot change another person, if they aren’t willing to be changed, but we can focus on ourselves.

Let’s ask ourselves, how can I become the person that stands out in wisdom, in integrity, in understanding and mastery, in expertise, etc? Start there. Everyday I remind myself of the dream ahead, and although it may appear as though nothing is happening, trust me when I say that keep moving, don’t give up because it’s all part of the process.


My weakness – the unknown and what if’s.

Weakness into Strength – the vision stays in my sight, in my mind and causes me to move.

Textile industry weaknesses – our past failures; the current inadequacies within Nigeria; unfavorable policies and conditions, lack of proper structures (infrastructure), the know-how, etc

Weaknesses into Strengths – don’t give up. Know what we are up against and create a map on getting to the desired goal of greatness. Standing together. Building strong collaborations. Learning and equiping our people (training).

If we all decide to start to do something, no matter how small it looks, it will build into a force that’s greater than we could ever have been able to accomplish had we done nothing.

Take charge! Recently I heard a lady who’s defying odds in her industry say that each of us must begin to see ourselves as a spokesperson in our industry – when others are sighting doom, you’re saying recovery, preparation, greatness,… Yes we can!


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