Why is the Nigerian Textile Industry lagging behind


I’ll tell you what happened with the Nigerian Textile Industry, and please, I don’t do ginormous grammar, so forgive my simplicity, because this is the way I understand it.

From the little street knowledge of the former state of the Nigerian Textile Industry, we’ve heard or read about how the industry hired at its prime, conservatively about 300,000 people. That’s massive! Especially because our past “glory days” wasn’t truly even our fullest possibilities or potential.

Between the 1970’s and 80’s, the industry was truly note worthy. That started to dwindle in the 90’s and has since then been almost nonexistent in the 2000’s.

The main factors that I’ve gathered that caused the decline in the industry are namely;

  • OIL!!! Basically attention was given to this new baby to the detriment of the other industry.
  • POWER! We could go on and on about how we don’t have consistent power supply throughout the country and that is a huge problem.
  • CORRUPTION!!! We can’t talk about power and not follow that with the way our dear country has suffered in the hands of extremely vision-less, greedy, dishonest, unlawful, (I could go on & on) so-called leaders for almost forever and we the people just watched them ruin our land and future, well until now right? I think we’re on a better track.
  • “CHINA MADE” = BETTER MADE (mindset of people) = LOWER PRICE!   “China” (I speak not necessarily of the country and citizenry, plus, it encompasses other nations). We turned to “China” made goods and the policies in place helped to booster this new love with imported goods. Can we speak honestly (as we already are)? A good chunk of imported goods that are brought into the Nigerian market are so below standard that one wonders why we don’t even love ourselves enough to buy better quality from outside; for the public that is.
  • INSECURITY (relatively new problem, but still a major problem!) If you ask me, and thank you for asking, the main reason why we even have Nigerians WILLING to kill themselves and their fellow citizens, in my view, is because we and the leaders didn’t have a vision for northern Nigeria when we took away a huge chunk of their livelihood and left them vulnerable; the textile industry was synonymous with the north.
  • LACK OF SKILLED (TECHNICAL SAVVY) WORKERS! No one can blame the younger generation in not paying attention to the area of our textile industry because seriously speaking, are these courses being taught anymore?

I’m sure there are other things that contributed to where we’re at in this industry today, so please feel free to share.


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